An Introduction To Our Company

Lloyd Loom Furniture

Lloyd Looms furniture maintains the traditional manufacture process which was first introduced into the United Kingdom by Marshall B. Lloyd. The furniture is constructed of wooden frames upholstered with Loom. This is where this style of furniture gained the name “Lloyd Loom” from and to this day is recognised around the world, with many of the existing pieces that were built in the 1920’s still gracing many homes.

lloyd looms tables collection

The Loom material is still manufactured on Looms in the tradition way, a similar process to making fabric.  The Craft paper is wound on to a wire to create this durable and classic fabric.

Each individual furniture frame is then fabricated with Loom by the hand of a skilled craftsman, giving each piece of furniture an individuality of its own with the classic arts and crafts style synonymous with these iconic chairs.

The 1920’s saw the process established in England and within a short space of time this type of furniture became a popular staple gracing most homes with its distinctive look and timeless style. Over the years some of the chairs have varied in size and some new designs have been introduced but the “Tivoli” and “Lansdown” chairs in the Lloyd Loom’s range are the most recognised chairs from this era built to the same design of the 1920’s.

Lloyd Looms is a family run and owned company based in Gloucester. Our warehouse is centrally located close to the Historic docks and we welcome people to visit if they wish to try any of our furniture in the range.

We manufacture only for our own company and sell directly to the public which is reflected in the prices we are able to offer. We also deal with a handful of private retailers who, like us, have a passion for Loom Furniture.

Lloyd Looms Tivoli Grande Chair Grey

Today at Lloyd Looms we continue to recreate the stylish designs of the 20’s and 30’s with many of the chairs in our range, and have introduced some more contemporary designs incorporating the classic look of Loom but with a more modern twist.

At Lloyd Looms we are constantly monitoring the feedback from our loyal customers. This valuable information enables us to make improvements to furniture ranges that are purely customer driven so that we retain the integrity of this traditional furniture.

2018 saw the introduction of the “Montpellier” Range of chairs and settees based on the traditional “nursing chair” design. Now resized, we allow for deeper seat cushions for more comfort and a more luxurious look.

2018 also saw the introduction of the very popular “Belgravia” Bar Chair, as well as the “Blenheim” Outdoor range of furniture, which combines a   classic settee with the chair and Café table based on the popular “Montpellier” range.

Early 2019 see’s the introduction of a new colour in our range “Soho White”, a wonderful deep smokey/chalky shade of white.

January 2019 also sees the launch of the new “Bistro” chair, available in both indoor and outdoor specifications. Alongside the Café Grande table, this makes a very attractive Bistro dining set.