How To Choose The Right Lloyd Loom Chair For Your Home

Selection Of Lloyd Loom Handmade Chairs

When choosing which beautiful handcrafted Lloyd Loom Chair to complement your own home its worth thinking about the space you are going place that you want to enjoy the chair in.

The Henley and Tivoli Grande collection chairs are slightly more compact and as such compliment and fit space’s where space may be restricted such as bedrooms and bathrooms, the Tivoli Grande chair comes with a choice of 4.5 or 9 cm cushion depth.

The distinctive and stylish 1920’s design of the Lloyd Loom Henley chair will add a charming and practical touch anywhere in your home. The dimensions of these lovely Lloyd Loom chairs make them an ideal choice for the bedroom or a location where space may be an issue.

The stylish 1920’s design Tivoli Grande chair will add charm and character to whichever room it touches in your home.  The compact style of the Lloyd Loom Tivoli Grande chair makes it a perfect choice for bedrooms and bathrooms.

For those spaces that are slightly larger such as conservatories, orangeries, the Montpellier, Lansdown, Carnaby and even the Parabola Chair with Arms are the ideal choice, these traditionally designed chairs with their classic looks fit perfectly into these spaces.

The Lloyd Loom Lansdown Chair, made in the same timeless method of the 1920s & 30s when this style of chair first graced the most fashionable of homes.  Many of these first chairs are still cherished heirlooms today, passed down through generations of families.

The Lloyd Loom Montpellier Chair is fashioned with the timeless style and quality of years gone by and is based on the original nursing chair design. An elegant and sophisticated addition to any room of the home.

The “Carnaby” chair is designed with a double Loom skin, giving the chair its curvaceous form. The soft curved wood legs are finished in low sheen varnish to complete this design piece.

Along with the decision on which chair you should choose the consideration should be given to adding a Lloyd Loom Café table these are designed to sit at just the right height for our chair collection. The café tables are offered in two sized tops 60cm or 75cm.

The Montpellier chair is offered with a 9cm seat cushion.

The Parabola with Arms is not only a suitable calver dining chair but due to its slightly higher seat height it offers a very comfortable sitting chair which is slightly easier to get up from.

The Montpellier and Lansdown Chair collection also have matching settee’s to make to perfectly match the chairs and add to the classic look.

The Lloyd Loom Chairs collection is offered in our 4 standard finished Natural, Soho White, Crisp Linen, and Chelsea Grey and if these are not the perfect match for you we are able to offer bespoke colour finish from our own Workshop there is a small additional cost to this service but for many it means you are able to finish you home to the exacting standards you require.

All of the Lloyd Loom Collection furniture is traditionally hand crafted as it was back in the 1920’s, the “Loom” or “Fabric” is still manufactured from twisted craft paper woven on to a wire, this process takes place on a traditional loom. The frame is then upholstered with the Loom by hand making every chair an individual creation with not one Lloyd Loom piece of Furniture being the same. Its this characteristic  which sets Lloyd Loom Chairs and Furniture aside from mass produced pieces.