The History Of Lloyd Loom Chairs

Lloyd Loom Dining Chairs

The shape and style of Lloyd Loom Chairs goes way back to the 1920’s when production was based in the East end of London following the purchase of the License to produce by the American inventor Mr lloyd Burns.

Manufacture started in the 1920’s using this versatile and unique material is formed from twisted craft paper on a wire, the material known as loom woven on a loom hence the name.

The colonial styled chairs are then hand upholstered with the Loom material giving a very comfortable and smooth surface.

The chairs were originally manufactured in England after many successful years the factory being destroyed during the 2nd world war after this production in the 1950’s was moved to  the far east and now Lloyd Loom Furniture is predominantly manufactured in Indonesia where the quality and care of building these chairs has been retained.

Through history Lloyd Loom chairs have been loved throughout the world and can be found in hotels, restaurants and tea rooms, as well as aboard Zeppelin, cruise ships and ocean-going liners, and are the chair of choice for the Royal Box at Wimbledon and thus made the brand a much loved household name.

One of the most popular chair styles is the “Nursing” chair so named through its design to accommodate nursing mother with babies the flared arms supported the mothers arms in a comfortable position whilst nursing a young child and today this chair is the Lansdown chair in the Lloyd Looms collection. The chair being designed for supporting a person’s arms and elbows makes it exceptionally comfortable for relaxing and reading in, and for this reason still today in 2020 is one of the most popular chairs for people to choose.

Other designs of chairs in the range that also became very popular were slightly narrower chairs designed for bathrooms and bedrooms such as the Tivoli and Henley in the Lloyd Looms range of chairs.

Although the original designs have been retained and are still very popular in 2020 we have seen the introduction of more contempered chairs which retain the character and style of Loom and enlarge the offering such as Bar Chairs both traditional with the “Belgravia” range  and contemporary with “Carnaby” range these fit in line with modern living and demands with matching dining chairs to suite the Kitchen/dining/longing house designs of today giving autonomy from the kitchen island to the dining area.

Today as in the 1920’s most Chair’s within the collection at Lloyd Looms are built in the same fashion and construction today uses similar methods as the 1920’s  with each chair being hand upholstered with Loom by a skilled crafts person.

Each Lloyd Loom chair is an individual piece of work so not two are the same or identical although all of them have a feel of traditional arts and crafts.