Why Lloyd Loom Chair Are Worth The Extra Cost

Lloyd Loom hand crafted chairs are recognised to command a slightly higher price than other mass produced pieces, the discerning customers fully understand that with a Lloyd Looms chairs you are buying a chair with heritage and history which dates back over 100 years.

Each Lloyd Loom chair is hand crafted upholstering the Loom material over a bent wood frame this time consuming way of construction is carried out by a hand with little mechanical intervention.

Once built the chairs are then hand finished with either a lacquer finish which is used to seal the craft paper or painted in a colour of the fashion at that time.

Each chair is hand crafted and finished by a single person and this gives Lloyd looms chairs that exclusive feel as not one single chair is the same, there is a real feel that the chairs have a character all of their own and become friends to their owners.

The Loom or material is woven craft paper on a wire which strengthens the down ward strands, the cross strands are formed of twisted craft paper, these strands are then woven like material on a special loom which creates sheets of loom from which the chair frames are upholstered. These Looms which craft this material carry out the same manufacture process as they did back in the 1920’s.

Today Lloyd Loom Furniture is manufactured in very much the same way as it was 100 years ago and is recognisable world wide for its classic arts & crafts look, a look that has adorned home’s and palaces throughout the world.

Many top hotels throughout the  world had or still have the distinctive Lloyd Looms chairs in their lounges and orangeries giving the classic colonial look, visiting travellers to these hotels also wanted to enjoy these chairs and the colonial feel back at home in their own garden rooms and orangeries and the popularity has grown ever since.

Today in 2020 many of the chairs first made in the 1920’s and 30’s are still around, these chairs are passed as valued possession’s down through the generations and are much appreciated by their inherited owners.

Some chairs will show a few signs of wear but many are still as good as the day they were made, offering their owners and custodians not only a classic comfortable chair but a wonderful history or memory of a family member from the past.

So the value of Lloyd Looms chairs celebrates the traditional hand crafted construction of each individual chair the time and care that has gone in to each piece and this care reflects through to the quality and long life of the chairs.