Lloyd Loom Over The Years

This image shows two Lloyd Loom chairs next to each other, and even though they are very close in distance they are decades apart in the year they were made.

The Lloyd Loom chair on the right was made in the 1920’s and is roughly 100 years old.  It was a military chair that was built for army quarters at the time.  It was owned and kept in army quarters in Cyprus until it was brought back to the UK. The Lloyd Loom chair on the left is our Montpellier Chair in Crisp Linen, made 100 years after the green chair.

You can see one of the main differences between the chairs from the 1920’s and the most recent designs is the sizing.  With the average size of a person being much bigger now than in the 1920’s, our furniture has had to adapt to accommodate.  The newer Lloyd Loom design is also higher backed, with much wider splays on the arms.  These design tweaks have been made to make the chair more comfortable.  The last main difference is the support at the bottom of the chair, which is now not needed as the chairs are made to be stronger and more supported.

Although the sizing has changed, the design of the classic Lloyd Loom chair has remained very similar in 100 years.  At Lloyd Looms, it is very important to us that we keep the original, timeless design as much as we can.  You will find this with our Montpellier and Lansdown chairs, which are both modelled on the original ‘nursing chair’.

This shows how well-made Lloyd Loom chairs are, that they can be in such a great condition a whole century later when well looked after!

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