Lloyd Loom Linen Baskets Now Back in Stock

Lloyd Loom 'D' Shaped Linen Baskets

Our Lloyd Loom Linen Basket range is widely popular with all our customers and after being out of stock for a while, we are delighted to announce that they will be back in stock from mid-September.  We have a range of traditionally made and stylish designs, offering the perfect linen basket for any home.

Our Lloyd Loom Linen Basket range includes a variety of different shapes and styles, all handcrafted using the traditional process from the 1920’s.  Designed to be a timeless piece of furniture which a stylish twist, sitting perfectly in any bedroom or bathroom.

D Shaped Linen Basket

The ‘D’ Shaped Linen Basket is our first and most iconic design, shaped in a semi-circle with a flat back to sit perfectly against a wall. With a lid hinged at the rear which opens up to an upright position, restraint strap and looped loom handle at the front.  The interior is lined with a calico style liner, fitted with Velcro at the top so it can be easily detached for washing.

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Rectangular Linen Basket

The Rectangular Linen Basket is a more traditional linen basket shape, with a detailed loom design at the edge of the lid and a loom handle at the front.  Similar to the ‘D’ Shaped Linen Basket, the lid is hinged at the rear with a restraint strap and the basket is lined with a material liner which is fixed with Velcro at the top.

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Corner Linen Basket

The Corner Linen Basket is designed as a space saver as it fits discreetly into the corner of a room.  Similar to the other Linen Basket designs, the Corner Linen Basket has a hinged lid and material lining.  The lid opens up to a side position with a restraint strap and the material lining is fixed with Velcro.

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All our Lloyd Loom linen baskets are available in Natural loom and Soho White colours, or alternatively are available in any colour of your choice with our personalisation colour service.

A Lloyd Loom Linen Basket is the ideal way to turn a purposeful, domestic item into a classic piece of furniture, adding style to your room.  We can’t wait to for the range to be restocked so we can continue to provide our customers with pieces they love!

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