Carnaby Range Soon To Feature UK Made And Produced Legs

The stylish Lloyd Loom Carnaby Bar Chair, is a popular choice for those looking for a traditional Lloyd Loom look and feel but with a modern flair in the design to enhance your kitchen then this chair offer all these blends, along with the matching Dining chairs and sitting chairs.

The Lloyd Loom Carnaby Bar Chairs are manufactured from traditional Loom which is a craft paper twist on a wire the Loom is then upholstered on to the frame to produce the chair, historical Loom chairs have frames constructed from a light Bamboo type wood which is heat and water treated to achieve the stylish curves however with the Carnaby range we wanted to build strength and durability so we use a metal alloy to construct the frame giving the stylish flowing lines along with being robust strong.

February 2022 sees the Carnaby Bar Chair legs being manufactured in the UK, this gives us the ability to offer a Dark Maple wood finish, an Oak finish whilst also offering the existing painted legs options.

We are very proud to be able to offer a British hand make product for our amazing Lloyd Loom Bar Chairs, working with a local skilled joinery company has allowed us to reduce our carbon foot print and bring production back to the UK.

The Carnaby Bar Chair will also be offered from May 2022 with a metal leg option, working with a local skilled metal design company we have been able to introduce hand made metal legs giving another design option to this stylish Bar Chair and again bringing manufacture back to the United Kingdom.

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