How To Choose The Right Style Of Lloyd Loom Furniture For Your Home

Handmade Lloyd Loom Bar Stools - The Carnaby Range In Various Colours

In a world of so many different choices and thousands of products at the end of your fingertips, trying to find Lloyd Loom furniture online can sometimes seem daunting, as knowing what the right choice for you and your home is, through to who to trust when buying online can sometimes be a challenge for many customers.

We take a look at the key considerations that you should take into account when choosing Lloyd Loom furniture and what to think about before making your choice.

What’s Your Style?

Many people make the mistake that Lloyd Loom furniture must be old fashioned and sometimes dated, but on one hand we know that this style can often have its appeal, but that on the other, people also want a new, modern Lloyd Loom look, which is why it is really vital to know the kind of style you are looking for when it comes to your furniture.

Do you want something that is traditional and based on the vintage style, or are you looking for something that is much more modern and contemporary?

We offer the best of both worlds, with a selection of our range being truly traditional and based on the old-style Lloyd Loom and also a brand new, modern and up to date range that would fit any new, modern and stylish home, as we know that all of our customers have different tastes, which is why we have met them perfectly.

The Choice Of Colour

Lloyd Loom furniture is no longer just available in one or two colours, so no matter what colour you are looking for we can now offer bespoke colours across most of our range, meaning that we can make our furniture fit your property design and not the other way around, which opens up the world of Lloyd Loom to so many more people.

We already offer a standard range of colours, including Natural, Soho White, Chelsea Grey and Crisp Linen, but we now have a state-of-the-art spray booth that allows us to match your colour and requirements to our products, creating the perfect collection of furniture for you. You can request our existing colour swatches free of charge, or you can send us your requirements, but you should never allow colour to stop you buying Lloyd Loom, as we have taken care of that!

The Type Of Furniture You Need

We offer a range of Lloyd Loom furniture that really does cater for indoors and outdoors, from our Lloyd Loom Bar Chairs for your kitchen island through to all weather, all year-round Lloyd Loom Outdoor Garden Furniture, which is why its important to really thinking about where the furniture is going to go, and then pick the type accordingly.

From Lloyd Loom chairs that would fit into any room in your home, through to the settees and café tables that would be perfectly placed in your conservatory or summer house, understanding where your furniture is going to be placed will allow you to really hone down onto the specific type of product you are looking for.

Choose The Right Company

Lloyd Loom furniture really is the most luxury, quality and high-end furniture you could hope to find, and of course that means you will pay more than when compared to lower quality products. So when you are investing into buying Lloyd Loom Furniture, you want to make sure that you are buying from a reputable, trustworthy and established company, that offer the highest quality products and customer service.

It is important to check customer reviews, speak to the company and then make your decision, as being led by the cheapest price simply often equates into lesser quality products and a lack of customer service, which is why using our company guarantees the highest quality Lloyd Loom furniture and also a second to none level of customer service, which is why we have hundreds of repeat customers.

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