Why Is Lloyd Loom Furniture Such A Sought After Brand?

Lloyd Loom Carnaby Swivel Bar Chairs

Very few furniture brands carry the tradition and history that the name Lloyd Loom does, which is why Lloyd Loom furniture is still so incredibly popular and sought after in the modern era of today, just as it was over 100 years ago.

Lloyd Loom is a brand name that has an association with fine quality, traditionally made furniture, which people have loved for many years, dating way back to the 1920’s when the first piece of furniture was made in East London.

Thousands of homes, hotels, care homes and restaurants (just to mention a few) all over the world are now stocked with all sorts of Lloyd Loom furniture, with some of the older pieces now considered antique and very valuable, as this timeless furniture is so special that you will often find collectors that continue to add to their collection, buying both old and new pieces when they become available.

So, why is this brand such a sought-after name in the world of furniture? We look at some of the key reasons below:

The History

Started by American Inventor Mr Lloyd Burns, the first piece of Lloyd Loom furniture was produced in 1920 in East London, with production then moved overseas due to the factory being destroyed in the 2nd World War. Indonesia is now the predominant home of Lloyd Loom manufacturing and over 100 years later, the brand Lloyd Loom is still going so very strong, with thousands of pieces being made and sold every single month.

How It’s Made

Lloyd Loom furniture is very unique in terms of how it is made, and this is one of the biggest appeals of this brand. Using this versatile and unique manufacturing process, the material is formed from twisted craft paper on a wire, the material known as loom woven on a loom hence the name. This gives the furniture a renowned look and style, and whilst being handmade means that every single piece of furniture really is unique, you can be assured of a high level of quality if you purchase from a reputable and established producer and retailer like ourselves.

The Range

We pride ourselves on having developed a unique range of styles, focusing on customers that like the more traditional look and feel, through to a newer audience who often appreciate a modern look and feel. We cater for people looking to have a single older style chair in their conservatory, through to modern and dynamic kitchens that require sleek and contemporary bar stools, and this is why the range appeals to so many people. It covers generations, trends and styles, because we can adapt to here and now, whilst also catering for the look and feel of the past, and very few brands can really achieve that so well.

The Future

And this part, is where we come in. We have taken the name of Lloyd Loom furniture and put a modern and contemporary twist on it, with our range of designs appealing as much to the new generation of Lloyd Loom lovers, as the past generation. We have developed a range of pieces that appeal to everyone, with some of our range very much the traditional style, but also a large collection presenting a style that reflects the modern world we live in.

And this is why Lloyd Loom furniture is so appealing, as you can take all of the history and how it is made, and develop a new style, a new range, but at the same time keeping the same principles that really make this brand so very special to so many people.

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