Lloyd Loom Furniture For Sale – Why We Work So Hard On Our Stock Levels

Lloyd Loom Dining Chairs

The past few years since the impact of COVID really began to be felt has been a huge challenge for every type of business when it comes to stock, from the businesses that make their own products like Lloyd Looms or businesses that rely on wholesalers to supply what they sell.

There are very few businesses that can honestly say that have not been impacted by long wait times for materials, staffing difficulties and supply chain issues, with huge hold ups from ships on the ocean to a lack of HGV drivers that we desperately rely on in this country to move products all over. Whilst it is fair to say that these challenges have at times affected all businesses, the past few years have made it a widescale operational issue, and whether you’re making and selling or just selling, it has been a tough ride.

This is why we have focused so hard on making sure we have a high level of stock at all times of the year, as we suffered like many during 2020 with a lack of products to sell and have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure this never happens again.

Here are just a few of the ways we are working to make sure that we have a good level of stock always in our warehouse and storage facilities, so that when you want to make an order, you can and that you do not face huge wait times for the products we know you love and want to see in your homes.

Increased Production

We have tripled the number of products we make throughout the course of the year and will continue to look at increasing even more, which is why we now have more stock on hand and ready to send to customers than ever before. To make sure we avoid running out of our most popular products, these are continually being made all year round, and with seasonal type products like outdoor furniture, we do not stop making them just because the summer is over, in fact the opposite, so that we can continually meet the growing demand for our products.

Improved Supply And Distribution Chains

To avoid lengthy distribution delays or supply chain issues, we have made huge changes over the past two years to overcome the issues that faced all businesses, but to also streamline our supply and distribution chain going forward, which makes us stronger in the long run and helps to maintain a consistent level of stock. We now have a very trusted and huge shipping company; we have a mix of inhouse delivery teams and an amazing nationwide delivery company and we also have access to a select panel of couriers should we need them.

Increased Warehouse Space

We recently moved into a large showroom and warehouse premises, which has meant we were able to dramatically increase the number of products we could hold at any one time, and this has meant that we are able to maintain stock levels and maintain a much better supply of products consistently throughout the year. In effect, this means that we can cope with the demand for our Lloyd Loom Garden Furniture should the weather stay better for longer, and we can also make sure we have enough Lloyd Loom Dining Chairs for the important Christmas period ahead. Throughout the year our aim is to make sure that we have the product you want in stock at all times, and are working hard to get to this level.

And Finally …. We NEVER Take Deposits

We never take pre-order deposits, as put simply, we do not want to take customers money until we have the product in stock and ready to send to them. Whilst we do take pre-orders, we do not take any money for these until the stock arrives with us, which means we never let any customers down and we do not hold on to your money if you do need to wait for our products.

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