Lloyd Loom Linen Baskets – The Perfect Addition To Any Home This Christmas

Lloyd Loom 'D' Shaped Linen Baskets

When it comes to buying the perfect Christmas present for someone that has most of the things they will ever need, it can be a real challenge to find something that is not only a beautiful present, but something that is practical and will be used daily and last for a long time.

Whilst the thought of a Lloyd Loom Laundry Basket may not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about Christmas presents for loved ones and family members, just bear with us here whilst we explain why actually, they do make a stunning present that when you have everything and need nothing, would be a gift that really would be something that is not only practical, but also a unique and thoughtful present.

Everyone loves a bit of style in their homes, and when it comes to the issue of storage or where to put your dirty washing before it enters the washing machine, our Lloyd Loom Washing Baskets are simply perfect.

They look amazing. And because they look amazing, they will suit any home or any room, meaning that you can put them wherever you need to, and they will never look out of place. We have a range of options to suit your property, whether that’s the lovely and tradition Lloyd Loom Corner Linen Basket that will make the most of a shortage of space and fit into most rooms, or the more modern and elegant design of the Lloyd Loom Padded Top Ottoman – something that needs a bit more space but is a joy to look at.

They are extremely practical which also make these a perfect present. Everyone has dirty washing, some of us a small amount and for larger families much more, and whilst it is not really a subject we think about much, having somewhere to store this washing before the wash day comes around is crucial. Our Lloyd Loom Washing Baskets are just perfect, because as we mention they look great, but they are practical, and they offer a solution to a problem that every one of us has, washing that well …. Needs washing!

And whilst not a diamond ring or a new watch, they are a thoughtful gift for the people that really don’t want more jewelry, chocolate or gifts that will honestly probably never be used or cherished, whereas you can guarantee a Lloyd Loom Linen Basket will be used all the time, and every time it is opened or closed, the fact that this was a present makes it so much more rewarding. Christmas is not always about gifting the out of this world, sometimes it is about gifting something that looks great, has value and is practical, and our range of Lloyd Loom Laundry baskets tick these boxes and many, many more.

We offer a corner shaped linen basket, D Shaped and rectangular, and of course our adorable Ottoman, which means that no matter what space you need to fit into, we have an option and a style that suits you and the person you might be buying for. And don’t forget, there is no harm in buying yourself a Christmas gift this year, and why not buy something that does what it needs to and looks great at the same time!

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