Looking For Lloyd Loom Furniture? Then Look No Further

Lloyd Loom as a brand has always been popular, but over the past few years there has been a big rise in people looking for this product, as more and more customers begin to understand the quality, the durability and the unique and cherished style of this type of furniture.

Even though Lloyd Loom has been around for over one hundred years, the style and evolution of this product has kept its appeal to many generations of customers, from the ones that still hold onto an original vintage piece, through to the modern-day customers that simply adore our modern take on this traditional way.

This has allowed the brand to stay fresh, as whilst the vintage market will always be there, the demand for modern day styles, types and colours has led to a whole new audience.

When we started Lloyd Looms, we had a vision that captured keeping the Lloyd Loom brand alive, but we wanted to evolve the styles in which the products were seen, bringing this type of traditionally made furniture to new customers, and we have continued to develop new ranges every year.

We now have a solid collection of Lloyd Loom furniture that is in thousands of homes and businesses across the UK, and indeed, the world.

Our range is one of the largest you will find online today, and our distinct range of colours for the products offers a style that will fit so many homes. We are also unique in the fact if you have a bespoke colour for your furniture, we are able to deliver this via our state of the art worshop and spraying facility.

We offer a range of Lloyd Loom Furniture:

Lloyd Loom Chairs

An exclusive range of Lloyd Loom Chairs, in many different styles and colours, offering something for all our customers, offering a modern, stylish twist, that makes our chairs popular with home owners, celebrities and interior designers.

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Lloyd Loom Dining Chairs

Timeless and traditionally made Lloyd Loom Dining Chairs, our collection of Lloyd Loom Dining Chairs will complement your dining room with their twist of classic and contemporary looks.

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Lloyd Loom Linen Baskets

Our Lloyd Loom Linen Baskets are popular with our customers, and you can see why, with our range of traditionally made and stylish designs offering the perfect linen basket perfect for any home.

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Lloyd Loom Outdoor Furniture

The Lloyd Loom Outdoor Furniture range is an exclusive collection, designed and made by our own team, and features everything that you could need to enjoy the comfort of the outdoors but with a luxury and traditional twist that our Lloyd Loom Outdoor collection strives to deliver.

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Lloyd Loom Tables

Designed to compliment our range of chairs, or just sit perfectly on their own, the Lloyd Loom Table collection offers a charming selection of Lloyd Loom Café Tables, available in a range of sizes and colours which complement our other furniture pieces in the Lloyd Loom Collection.

See The Full Range Here

As the years go by, our customers want to see new and exciting developments in our product range, and whilst we can’t say too much just yet, 2023 will see some fantastic new product launches and we really cannot wait to bring these to you in the very near future.

So, when it comes to Lloyd Loom furniture, look no further than Lloyd Looms, as our quality, our customer service and the range of products we offer make us very different to anyone else.

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