Getting Summer Ready With Lloyd Loom Outdoor Furniture


As we head into March, we now start to wave the winter months goodbye and begin to look forward to the lighter evenings, the warmer days and of course the increase in happiness levels that generally come with the consistently dryer and hotter weather.

With Spring just around the corner and some glimpses of the better weather that is already on order and ready to be delivered, many people have been able to spend a few days outside already, tending to their garden, enjoying a walk without getting soaked from the rain and just generally getting outside after what has been a very long and dark winter.

And whilst we have avoided most of the seriously cold and wet weather that often comes over the past 4 months, the winter months have as always dragged along.

And with the warmer weather comes the need for outdoor furniture, and this is the time of year that customers tend to start looking to buy some new Lloyd Loom Garden Furniture or add to their existing collection, as the moment that we get a week or two warmer weather, we all want to make sure we are ready to enjoy it by having some lovely, comfortable outdoor chairs, sofas and tables to really take in the warmth.

Here are a few reasons why now is the time to buy your Lloyd Loom Outdoor Furniture as soon as you can:


If you are worried about one last frost or maybe a wet spell, then worry no more as our Lloyd Loom Garden Furniture Sets are made to cope with poor weather, so you can buy now and not have to worry about storing them away if it looks like a small patch of cold or wet weather could be on the horizon.

The loom on the outdoor range is made from an all-weather material. However, to prolong its life, we recommend the furniture is brought into a garage or conservatory in very low temperatures or prolonged periods of deep frost, but in the type of weather we will experience now through to the end of the Autumn months, your furniture is safe to be left outside and enjoyed during the times when that sun is shining brightly!

Stock And Availability

Every year we add more stock to our outdoor range, but we do still tend to sell out very quickly, so we do advise any customer looking to purchase any of our outdoor garden furniture sets that they purchase as soon as they can, to honestly avoid disappointment.

This year we have more than tripled the amount of outdoor furniture we are producing and currently holding in our warehouses, but this furniture is very popular because of how affordable it is, how great it looks and just because we are one of the very few Lloyd Loom producers that make this type of furniture to the standards that we do.


We want to make sure you have your order as soon as possible, so the sooner you place your order, the sooner we can get everything packaged up and sent out with our specialist delivery team, as depending on what you order will often affect the delivery times.

All of our furniture from individual chairs to large sets are sent with delivery teams that will actually deliver items and unpackage them for you, and whilst we have a good team of people, they are often very busy with our orders as we deliver all over the country. We want to make sure that you get your Lloyd Loom Garden Furniture in time for you to enjoy the first glimpses of the better days ahead, so by ordering now will make sure that we can get everything delivered to you as quickly as possible.

So, lets get Summer ready with Lloyd Loom Outdoor and Garden furniture, as nothing beats the comfort, style and grace of our amazing collection that already sits proudly in the gardens of thousands of customers all over the world.

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