Why Our Lloyd Loom Furniture Is Appealing For So Many Customers

Lloyd Loom furniture has been around for over 100 years and there are so many very good reasons why it remains so popular today. From the very early days when just a handful of products were available, through to the current day where there are so many styles and designs on the market, this range has not only withstood the test of time, but adapted and improved to reach new generations of customers that love the brand, the style and the product.

When it comes to working with a brand that has been around for a century, striking the balance between appealing to customers that are used to the very traditional Lloyd Loom style through to attracting customers that want a modern and contemporary twist was something we set out to achieve when we launched the company.

We knew that we had to develop ranges that suited the more traditional customer but also evolve the brand to capture new generations of customers that want the name Lloyd Loom but want a more up to date style.

So, why is our Lloyd Loom furniture so appealing to so many customers?

Let’s look at how we try to achieve this goal.

Flexibility In Design

As we mentioned, we have tried to make sure that we have a range that suits every customer requirement, and we have achieved this by offering a range of really traditional styles but also our newer ranges that give a modern and contemporary take on Lloyd Loom furniture. We have also developed a range of new colours that we think are more in line with the design styles of today, but have kept a range of options, including our natural look, to make sure we cater for the styles of the past.

We continue to develop new designs, colours, styles and ranges to make sure that not only do we keep our previous customers happy and continue to offer something that they already love and know, but that we evolve and develop the range to attract new customers that are looking for something a little bit different.

Increased Durability

Lloyd Loom gets its name from the unique loom weaving technique used to make it. The woven pattern makes these pieces lightweight yet extremely sturdy and durable. Our Lloyd Loom furniture is handcrafted, and this results in a solid, long-lasting piece of furniture capable of withstanding decades of regular use.

We have continued to develop our range to make sure that our products are the most reliable they have ever been, with slight design tweaks and extra features that help to make sure that when you buy a piece of furniture from us, you will be able to enjoy it for many, many years to come with no issues or structural wear and tear. And as we continue to develop our ranges and processes, our focus is not only on how the product looks and feels, but how long our customers will be able to enjoy each piece for.

Comfort And Style

Primarily, furniture should be comfortable and enjoyable to use, and whilst everyone wants it to look amazing and have a stunning design, if you don’t enjoy sitting on your Lloyd Loom chair then it really has defeated the reason you purchased.

We know the importance of comfort when it comes to our furniture, which is why our design is always focused firstly on comfort and then we adapt the style and design to match the unrivalled comfort of this furniture with how it looks and how durable it is. We have focused on new designs that are some of our most comfortable ever and have improved and tweaked our previous ranges to still look traditional, but to offer a bit more comfort to our customers.


And finally, whilst we know the brand Lloyd Loom carries a premium price because of how it is made and the extra level of quality it offers, we have tried to keep prices affordable to the majority of people looking to invest in this type of furniture.

We will never be the cheapest in the market and nor do we want to be, but we do believe our prices reflect the intense level of design and product development that goes into each and every piece of furniture we offer and the fact that all of our furniture is handmade. We are proud of the Lloyd Loom brand and everything we produce offers a high level of quality, but at a price most people looking for this brand can hopefully afford.

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