Lloyd Loom Furniture In Time For Christmas

We hate to mention the Christmas word, but now that we are firmly in November and just a matter of weeks away from the time of year when families get together and spend some quality time around each other, we think it is now quite safe to discuss that there is still time to get your Lloyd Loom furniture in time for Christmas.

We all know at this time of year we can often leave things to the last minute, and then when we come to order our dream product that we look forward to using over the Xmas period, only to find we have either missed the delivery cut off, or the product has been so popular that it is now out of stock.

With Christmas around the corner we want to show you how Lloyd Looms can help you find that perfect present for someone special or even just for yourself, as if you want to treat yourself to a really special Christmas present this year, then what makes a better present than something made with as much love and care as our Lloyd Loom range of furniture!

With stunning pieces for all different areas of the home and at affordable prices, we’ve got something for everyone this Christmas.

Here are just three of the main reasons to trust us with your Lloyd Loom furniture order if you want to make sure these amazing products are sitting pretty in your home for Christmas 2023.

Range Of Products

We have our largest range of products in stock and ready for Christmas than ever before, and after many years of selling out of our most popular range of products around this time, we have spent the past 8 months building up our stock levels ready for our busiest period of the year.

We have a large range of dining chairs that are going to look amazing on Christmas day, we have our most popular Lloyd Loom Chairs in stock in large numbers and we have all our other ranges like linen baskets, bar chairs and Lloyd Loom settees all available, with many at some of our lowest prices ever.

In Stock

We do not take back orders and we do not hold onto your money and promise that the product will be delivered in time, only to then email you two days before to apologise that your order in fact, will not be here for Christmas.

Any of our products that you see on the website are in stock and ready to be delivered to your home, as we have invested much time, money and effort to make sure that we have our largest range of products in stock at this time of year than we have ever had before. Our dining chairs are ready for Christmas Day dinner, our linen baskets are ready to make the perfect present for any Lloyd Loom fan and our whole range of furniture is in stock and ready to ship.

Guaranteed Delivery Before Xmas

If you need your Lloyd Loom furniture in time for Christmas, then our last order date is the 8th of December, as this will be our cut of date for guaranteed Christmas delivery, so make sure that if you need your order in time for your Christmas day, order before the 8th!

We look forward to making sure that this Christmas, your pride and joy will be our range of Lloyd Loom Furniture that will be in your home and being enjoyed by everyone, as if you order before the 8th of December, we guarantee that will happen.

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