Buying A New Piece Of Lloyd Loom Furniture? Have You Thought About The After Sales Care?

When it comes to buying a new piece of Lloyd Loom Furniture, most people will tend to do a quick search on Google for “Lloyd loom furniture” or ask around, maybe their friends, family or even neighbours about who they would recommend if they have ever purchased a product of this kind before. This makes finding a shortlist of potential businesses to spend your money with the easy part, but how often have you thought about what happens after your new chair, dining chair or conservatory set is purchased?

People that understand Lloyd Loom and its heritage and tradition really do appreciate just how special this kind of furniture really is. However, when you are buying a product that really is such a high quality purchase, it is important to choose a reputable company that offers excellent after-sales care, because you want to be buying from a firm that not only delivers an amazing product to your home, but also one that you can turn to if things are not quite right or you just need some future advice or care.

What is after-sales care for Lloyd Loom Furniture?

After-sales care is the service and support that a company provides to its customers after they have purchased a product. In the case of Lloyd Loom furniture, this can include:

Delivery: Buying your new piece of furniture is one thing, but have you checked how and when it will be delivered, as this can sometimes be overlooked when buying a product, but something that is worth checking. This type of furniture can be very delicate and needs to be handled correctly when it comes to delivering it to your home, so a quick question about how and when it will be delivered can give you a bit more confidence in the company you are buying from.

Expert Advice: Experienced professionals can provide personalised advice on cleaning, maintenance, and restoration techniques, ensuring that your furniture is treated with the utmost care. Buying from a company that really understands Lloyd Loom products and how to get the most from them and keep them looking brand new is so very important.

To retain the look of your Lloyd Loom furniture we offer advise on repainting and cleaning,  also supporting our product by supplying touch up paint pots to deal with any chips and scratches that may happen.

Warranty: Like most products, your furniture will come with some kind of guarantee or warranty, which means that if the furniture is damaged on arrival or breaks through no fault of your own when being used, the company will offer the right solution for you and sort the problem with either a replacement, refund or some other option. So, you should be asking for how long am I protected and for what, and never be afraid to ask this question.

Why is after-sales care important for a new piece of Lloyd Loom Furniture?

There are many reasons why after-sales care is important when buying Lloyd Loom furniture and indeed any product you buy.

Peace of mind: Knowing that you have a company you can rely on for after-sales care can give you peace of mind. This for us is crucial, as we like to make sure all our customers know that we are at the end of a phone or email and you will speak to someone you know, as a small, independent business, we get to know our customers and likewise, you will get to know the people you are dealing with, always human, and never a robot!

Protection of your investment: A new piece of Lloyd Loom furniture is a significant investment, so you want to make sure that it is protected, and this is why you need to make sure the company has a good and established trading history and will be here for your further down the line if things do go wrong or you need assistance.

And this is why we believe that the after-sales care is such an important factor to consider when buying Lloyd Loom furniture but so many people forget to really investigate this before making the purchase and spending their hard earned money. By choosing a company with a good after-sales care record, you can be sure that your investment is protected and that you have someone you can rely on if you have any problems, and this, in our opinion, is just as important as the brand new product they are about to deliver to you.

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