Lloyd Loom – The Extra Touches That Make Our Furniture The Best Around

When it comes to buying Lloyd Loom furniture, whether that’s a complete set of Lloyd Loom dining chairs or a new Lloyd Loom laundry basket, there is a decent level of manufacturers and retailers now selling this historic brand, but how do you know the company you are buying from is going to deliver the best product?

Like buying anything online, you have to put your trust in the company to not only deliver your order, but to deliver it to the standards that you would expect, and when we look at furniture, you want an item that comes in perfect condition, is made to last a long time and is delivered promptly and with the care it deserves.

We are one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of Lloyd Loom furniture and over the past few years have worked tirelessly to make sure that we deliver the best standards in terms of product quality and customer service, and here are just a few reasons why we stand above the rest when it comes to Lloyd Loom.

Come And See

We are not just online, and we invite our customers to come and see and try our furniture before they buy. We are based in Gloucestershire and have a showroom that is open by appointment for any customer that wants to experience our furniture firsthand, meaning that if you really want to see (and feel) how good we are, book an appointment and come and see for yourself.

Customer Service

Our customer service levels are second to none, and we have invested much time, money and effort into making sure that your emails, calls and chat messages via social media are answered quickly, effectively and to a high standard of response. And when things do go wrong, which from time to time they do for all companies, we put things right and don’t hide behind a faceless website. Our team are on hand to help you when you need it and our customers love how quickly we get back to them all year round.

High Manufacturing Standards

Lloyd Loom is very much and Arts & Crafts style furniture and we manufacture ours to a high standard reflecting the original handcrafted look and feel, using only the best materials and processes available, meaning that our Lloyd Loom furniture does not only look amazing, but it is built to last and withstand the everyday use that you would expect to see from furniture. Everything is inspected before it leaves our manufacturing facility, and any issues are often picked up at this stage before they even land into our warehouse. But this is not the final quality check…

In House Finishing Workshop

In our modern and well equipped workshop Which is based alongside our Gloucestershire showroom, every single piece of furniture undertakes a final check before it is packed by hand ready to be delivered to our customers. We check every inch of the furniture to make sure the quality and Arts & Crafts look and feel are consistent, any items that fall below this level are then re-worked / sprayed in our work shop to meet the required quality. This is still not the final quality check …

Full QA On All Products Before Shipping

When your order arrives, you will see just how much care we take when it comes to packaging and protecting your new piece of furniture, with every single item individually hand wrapped in eco friendly materials or reused materials before they are passed over to either our courier partners or delivered by one of our own drivers. We invest a lot of time in making sure your order is carried correctly and treated with the highest level of care and attention, so that when it arrives at your home it is in the same condition as when it left us.

Our delivery partner is a two-man delivery service to the room of your choice (providing suitable access) with an unwrap service included.

When our own vans deliver the items arrive wrapped in furniture blankets the furniture is delivered to a room of choice (access allowing) and there is no packaging this is part of our strive to reduce our carbon foot print and to recycle and reuse.

And these are just some of the reasons why our Lloyd Loom furniture is admired and enjoyed by thousands of own customers not just in the UK, but all over the world, and as we supply a few high-end commercial premises, our furniture is often being used by thousands of customers every single day without them evening knowing it came from us!

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