Lloyd Loom Chairs

Made in the same timeless manner and method of the 1920’s, our fantastic range of Lloyd Loom Chairs are a delight for all of our customers, and whilst they maintain the look and feel of a traditionally made Lloyd Loom chair, they offer a modern, stylish twist, that makes our chairs popular with home owners, celebrities and interior designers, as they are the perfect addition for any home that values style and design. We have an exclusive range of Lloyd Loom Chairs, in many different styles and colours, offering something for all our customers.

At Lloyd Looms we offer a “Limited Edition” chair every season, these pieces are hand finished in our workshop based in the UK and complemented with unique cushions produced by an artisan cushion company local to our workshops, this time and care reflects through in these collectable items.

View our range of Lloyd Loom Chairs below.