Lloyd Loom Dining Chairs

Timeless and traditionally made Lloyd Loom Dining Chairs, our collection of Lloyd Loom Dining Chairs will complement your dining room with their twist of classic and contemporary looks. Our range of Lloyd Loom Dining Chairs are available with a range of designs and presented in the Lloyd Looms range of colours with bespoke painted chairs offered at an optional cost, which means that if you are looking for a handmade, handcrafted and beautifully designed dining chair, we have something to meet your requirements.

From the ever popular Lloyd Loom Pitville Dining Chair through to our modern and contemporary looking Cleeve Lloyd Loom Dining Chair, we offer one of the largest collections and ranges of Lloyd Loom Dining Chairs currently available – designed, handcrafted and supplied by our own company, offering a Lloyd Loom Dining chair that will fit into any home. Whilst we are keen to bring a modern twist to our dining chairs, we also ensure that they still maintain the classic look and feel of this timeless design, meaning they fit as perfectly into a country cottages as they would in a London penthouse apartment.

View our range of Lloyd Loom Dining Chairs below.